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What are the raw materials for masks?

With the outbreak of COVID-19, masks have become a must-have item. At present, medical masks are mainly divided into three types: medical protective masks with the highest protection level, medical surgical masks commonly used in invasive operating environments, and ordinary level disposable medical masks. What are the raw materials for producing masks?

What are the raw materials for producing masks?

Masks are non-woven materials, which are made of oriented or random fibers. For non-woven fabrics used in masks, the raw materials are all polypropylene (PP), and medical masks are generally multi-layered structures, commonly known as SMS structures.

From the point of view of mask materials, polypropylene high-melt non-woven special materials have become the best choice. Producing polypropylene products with melt mass flow rate of 33-41g / min, meeting Eisai polypropylene non-woven standard. From the perspective of fiber application fields, special polypropylene fiber material products are used in non-woven fabrics, apparel fabrics, carpet yarns, medical surgical supplies, and civilian hygiene products.

In terms of medical and health, non-woven fabrics produced from polypropylene non-woven special materials can be used in disposable surgical gowns, sheets, masks, cover cloths, liquid absorption pads, etc. Non-woven masks are made of fiber There are two layers in the woven fabric, and an additional layer of filter-dissolved spray cloth with a filter anti-bacteria of 99.999% is added in the middle. Made by ultrasonic welding, the nose bridge of the non-woven fabric mask adopts environmentally friendly all-plastic strips, does not contain any metal, and is equipped with breathable and comfortable.

What are the raw materials of medical surgical masks?

Medical surgical masks Medical surgical masks are generally made of three layers of nonwoven fabrics. The material is spunbond nonwoven fabric + meltblown nonwoven fabric + spunbond nonwoven fabric. The outer layer of the mask has anti-spray design, and the middle layer is filtered. Meltblown cloth is generally selected to weigh 20 grams.

What are the raw materials for producing n95 masks?

N95 is actually a 5-layer mask made of polypropylene nonwoven fabric that can filter 95% of fine particles. The N95 cup mask consists of needle-punched cotton, melt-blown cloth, and non-woven fabric. The melt-blown cloth usually uses 40 grams or more, and the thickness of the needle-punched cotton, so the appearance looks better than a flat mask thicker, its protective effect can reach at least 95%.

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