Meltblown information

Production technology of melt blown die

The COVID-19 has led to a surge in demand for melt blown dies. The melt blown die uses a high-speed hot air flow to rapidly stretch and solidify the polymer melt that has just been extruded. For the manufacture of melt blown dies, processing spinneret micropores is a key difficulty. Most of the melt blown dies use rectangular spinnerets, and the materials are generally SUS316L, SUS304, SUS630, SUS431 and other stainless steels. The accuracy of the melt blown die is very high, and the processing is very difficult.

In the past, in order to ensure the concentricity of spinneret microholes and guide holes, they were generally processed from one side, from large holes to microholes. Due to the large overhang, the difficulty factor is extremely high. Due to the urgent need for rapid production, most of the processes have now been changed to process micro holes from the back, but this will cause problems such as concentricity and burrs. The spinneret micro-holes are generally drilled by the machining center, but because the holes are too small, the tool life is unstable. Once the predicted premature tool break occurs, even if the drill bit cannot be removed, it will even cause the entire spinneret to be scrapped. Processing a Φ0.2mm spinneret micro-hole, the processing time is about 30 seconds, a good drill can punch more than 300 holes.

Some factories use CNC electric spark forming machines to process spinneret micro-holes, which can solve the problem of drilling and breaking the drill bit and bottom burr, but the electrode is not difficult to manufacture, and the production of the copper electrode is prone to burr and deformation. In order to solve this problem, some factories use copper-permeable graphite electrodes. Some factories use laser to process spinneret micropores. Laser drilling technology is to use high power density laser beam to irradiate the processed material so that the material is quickly heated to the vaporization temperature and evaporated to form holes. The biggest advantage is that the processing efficiency is very high. It takes only a few seconds to process a hole, but the corresponding processing equipment is very expensive.

Technical characteristics:

The advantage is that the process flow is short, and the non-woven fabric can be directly produced by spinning.

1. The die processing technology and die processing are years of experience in technology. The best flow channel is designed according to the different characteristics of the raw materials (viscosity, temperature, speed), and the solution distribution is more uniform.

2. A special hot air flow heating device is adopted, which has good heating efficiency and heat exchange efficiency, and low energy consumption.

3. Unique air groove structure design, stable air pressure, uniform airflow on both sides, adjustable air gap.

4. The design of the spinneret die is the key, which determines the spinning technology of the melt blown equipment. Our mould design and precision can ensure that the melt blown will not be drawn, no waste, and the melt blown will be uniform.

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