Meltblown information

Production technology of melt blown die

The COVID-19 has led to a surge in demand for melt blown dies. The melt blown die uses a high-speed hot air flow to rapidly stretch and solidify the polymer melt that has just been extruded. For the manufacture of melt blown dies, processing spinneret micropores is a key difficulty. Most of the melt blown dies use rectangular spinnerets, and the materials are generally SUS316L, SUS304, SUS630, SUS431 and other stainless steels. The accuracy of the melt blown die is very high, and the processing is very difficult.
07 / 29 - 2020

What are the raw materials for masks?

With the outbreak of COVID-19, masks have become a must-have item. At present, medical masks are mainly divided into three types: medical protective masks with the highest protection level, medical surgical masks commonly used in invasive operating environments, and ordinary level disposable medical masks. What are the raw materials for producing masks?
07 / 29 - 2020
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